Upcoming webinar on October 12th. Read more and sign up >>

Webinar on October 12th. Read more and sign up >>


SAP PM with (True) Digital Twins

SAP PM with (True) Digital Twins

On-demand webinar


Maintain your assets, benchmark your data, and gain valuable global insights on your SAP PM with true Digital Twins. Join our webinar to learn more.

Digital Twins: Data-driven Decision Making​

Digital Twins are the backbone of data-driven decision making in plant maintenance. As such, the Digital Twin technology is becoming a game changer, revealing new insights on the current performance and condition of assets.


Watch our webinar and meet our panel of specialists, as they discuss how you successfully change decision-making with True Digital Twins, while answering your questions on the topic including:

  • Why Digital Twins are a prerequisite for Industry 4.0
  • How to use Digital Twins in an enterprise context
  • What it takes to keep your Digital Twins healthy

Meet our Speakers

Dorte Ertbøll
Business Dev Director of Arkyn
Dorte Ertbøll is Business Development Director at Arkyn and helps enterprises across Europe change the way they work in SAP thanks to Arkyn’s user-centric iOS apps.
Rune Durhuus-Andersen
Co-founder and CTO of Arkyn

Rune Durhuus-Andersen is co-founder and CTO of Arkyn. With more than 20 years of experience in working with SAP – he particular helps large enterprises change the way they mobilize SAP processes.

Patrik Lövberg
CCO of SQL Systems

Patrik Lövberg is the CCO of SQL Systems a company who specialises in industrial standardisation and building Digital Twins in SAP PM for global enterprises.

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