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The Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

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It’s shown that one of the advantages of predictive maintenance is that it can reduce overall maintenance costs by up to 25%.

There are many types of maintenance used in various industries. By using SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) software, you can implement predictive maintenance within your organization. This could help you hear what your assets are trying to tell you. Your assets tell you when they’re about to break; you have just been speaking different languages. Predictive maintenance can help you overcome the “language barrier” and allow you to finally understand your assets’ calls for help.

"Maintenance takes time and money, but overall, it's more beneficial than waiting for things to fail"

So what are the main advantages of predictive maintenance? Keep reading to find out.

Fewer Failures

All equipment deteriorates with time, but if you spot the signs of it early on, you can replace parts and make adjustments immediately. Predictive maintenance is a type of asset maintenance that’s performed before the point of failure. The intention is to ensure equipment stays operational and downtime is kept to a minimum.
On top of that, catching issues early on can prevent the need for more complex maintenance and repair jobs further down the line. Our SAP ERP software gives data in real-time, allowing you to take action immediately when any issues arise. You can also access maintenance history so you know what has been done to specific assets in the past.

Reduced MTTR

MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) is the average time it takes to repair faulty equipment within your facility. With predictive maintenance, you can usually repair equipment much faster before it develops into a severe problem.
If these issues are left unchecked, they’ll only get worse, leading to longer repair times. Keeping the MTTR of your facility to a minimum is one of the best ways to maintain smooth, consistent operations.

Increased Asset Lifetime

When machinery isn’t functioning correctly, it could cause irreparable damage. By implementing a proper maintenance strategy, you can ensure all of your equipment is serviced regularly and kept in a good state.

Having defects repaired as soon as possible will reduce the toll that these defects take on your equipment. This will lead to longer lifespans from all of the equipment in your facility, which will save you money, reduce downtime, and maintain productivity.

Precise Data

Without predictive maintenance software, it can be difficult to determine the state of your equipment. While there can often be clear signs that something is faulty, there are also plenty of issues that may arise that your workers won’t be aware of. Small issues with internal parts could easily go unnoticed for long periods, and the whole time these issues could be causing further damage.

Our SAP software provides clear, detailed data about the condition of your machinery. It provides you with real-time data reporting in a clear, actionable format.

By having this data readily available, you can make sure any maintenance work is done at the most cost-effective time. Because of that, you’ll be able to see how maintenance costs, operation costs, and replacement costs all stack up against each other. Thanks to that, you can make the best decisions about what action to take.

Verification of Repairs

The sensors used alongside enterprise software can provide a range of insights, such as:

  • Equipment observation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • More

While the primary purpose is to determine when repair work or maintenance is needed, they can also provide validation on the success of such work. You can determine if a repair has been done correctly before you start rerunning the machine. This will help you avoid having to shut anything down a second time to make adjustments or remedy an incomplete repair.

Improved Safety

Safety is crucial in any workplace, especially one that uses machinery. Machine failure presents a significant safety risk and can lead to sizable lawsuits. Any defects can significantly increase the chances of someone getting injured, which you want to make sure to avoid.
By pinpointing defects as soon as possible, you can take action immediately. Keeping all equipment well maintained will keep the risk of injury to a minimum. You may even be able to get insurance benefits if you can show you have a solid preventative maintenance program in place.

Increased ROI

The cost is the only reason a company would ever have to avoid maintaining machinery. Despite that, failing to perform proper maintenance almost always ends up costing more in the long run. If you don’t take care of your equipment, you’ll have to carry out more large repairs, and assets will need replacing sooner. Using predictive maintenance software to find defects early on means you can get repairs done when they’re cheapest. As this leads to a longer lifespan, you won’t have to worry about replacing equipment as often, making the initial investment more worthwhile.

Gaining the Advantages of Predictive Maintenance

At Arkyn, we have four different apps you can integrate into your SAP installation. Providing real-time data and analytics on assets in your facility and designed to be user-friendly. The advantages of predictive maintenance make it well worth implementing a maintenance plan within your organization, and our software platform can be beneficial for this.

This article on “The benefits of predictive maintenance” is part of Arkyn’s series of articles, where our team strives to provide you with useful tips and tricks on how to better manage your assets.

Arkyn is on a mission to enable everyone to work fast and efficiently in SAP by building mobile solutions to optimize enterprises’ operations so employees can spend time on what they do best.

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