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Webinar on October 12th. Read more and sign up >>

Getting started

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What is Arkyn?

Arkyn is a B2B SaaS company providing next-gen iOS mobile apps to support best mobile practices in SAP enterprises. Easy to integrate - fast to get started. Get to know us better >

Who is behind Arkyn?

Arkyn was founded by former Invokers partners (Today Trifork Smart Enterprise) and the Trifork Labs incubator.

For more than 15 years, Arkyn's founders have been working with design thinking and mobile interfaces for SAP, including changing complex processes to secure, efficient, and intelligent user experiences.
With this knowledge and experience, Arkyn was founded to help SAP customers optimize processes and save thousands of hours.


Where is Arkyn located?

Arkyn's HQ is located in the heart of Copenhagen, but we do have colleagues who work remotely from many parts of Europe. Find out who we are >

Partnership Programs

Find the Arkyn partnership program suited for you.

About the partnerships

Arkyn has a partnership program for System Integrators, resellers and referral partners. All programs are paying a commission of the total contract value from leads initiated from the partner.


Find our more on the partnership page.

How do I become a partner?

To apply as a partner please go to the partnership page, choose your partner program and fill in the form at the bottom of the page. We will get back to you shortly after.

Referral Partners

In principal anyone with a good network to large enterprises can join as a referral partner, but the ideal partner will be either a SAP Plant Maintenance Consultant, an agency or business working in the same space.


Referral partners earn up to 20% commission of the total contract value for submitting leads to Arkyn that result in a contract. For more information go to the referral partner page.


Perfect for hardware solution providers already distributing Apple hardware, carriers with a telco subscription or complimentary SaaS companies that want to expand their offerings. Bundle Arkyn's products into an existing subscription and create stickyness with the customer.


Resellers earn up to 20% commission. For more information go to the reseller page.

System Integrators

Perfect for SAP IT consultancies, doing custom projects for enterprises of all sorts. Use the Arkyn Fast app suite as a value add-on to a solution deal, offer the products to existing customers or build custom projects using Arkyn FastCloud. As a System Integrator you will also get access to new customers through Arkyn and additional project fees.


System Integrators earn 30% commission. For more information go to the System Integrator page.

Onboarding & Partner Account

Get up to speed fast and easy.

What happens after approval?

Once you get approved as a partner you will be invited to join your private partnership account through email. You will also receive a welcome email and an invite for an onboarding call with your new dedicated Partnership Success Manager from Arkyn.

How do I get started?

Once your account has been approved our Partner Success Manager will arrange an onboarding call with you and make sure that understand how to use our partner platform, know where to find the assets for onboarding, sales and marketing etc. If you have technical questions the Partner Success Manager will arrange calls with our technical staff and you. 

Why do I need an Arkyn Partner Account?

In the Arkyn Partner Account you will be able to submit leads and see the progress of your deals as they move through the sales pipeline. You will also find a lot of assets that can be used in your sales and marketing process, videos, links, onboarding material, an extended FAQ and more. The account will also give you an overview of your commission so you can keep track of how much you have earned through your Arkyn partnership.

Leads & Deals

Submit a lead and follow the deal flow.

How do I submit and claim a lead?

In your Arkyn partner account you can claim a lead by submitting the details. The partner success team will review the lead and either approve or reject it.

How is a lead transformed into a deal?

When the lead has been approved and qualified a deal will be created. If you are a referral partner you will now be able to follow how it travels through the sales pipline.

Can I submit a deal?

Resellers or System Integrator are allow to submit deal based on approved leads. Since they are handling the sales process they will also be able to move deals through the sales pipeline.

For referral partners all deals are created and moved by the Arkyn sales reps.

When is a lead rejected?

A lead is usually rejected if Arkyn or one of Arkyn's other partners are working on this customer already or if the lead is just not a fit for Arkyn's products.


What you earn as a partner.

How much is the commission?

The commission depends on the type of partnership and level you have been approved for. For referral partners it startes at 10% and can go up to 20% while system integrators get a 30% flat rate from the start.


Read more about the commission rates under each program on the partnership program pages.

When do I get my commission?

When a deal is closed that you as a partner has initiated you will be able to get your commission. Unless otherwise agreed, the commission will be paid according to the customers PO. Therefore it might take a bit of time before you will actually get the money after the deal has been signed. 


How the Arkyn team will support you.

What kind of support

In a partnership we work together why you will get the support needed to take the leads you bring in to a closed contract. This includes participation in customer calls, demos, negotiations and more.


If you are a referral partner Arkyn will drive the business development process with the support from you.


If you are a reseller or system integrator you will drive the sales process while Arkyn will support you when needed.

Do I need to pay for updates?

Arkyn will be rolling out new features on the standard products as part of the license agreement. Updates of custom solutions may come with an additional fee from the solution provider that has implemented the customizations.

Book a demo

Get on a call and let an Arkyn Business Developer walk you through the Arkyn’s Fast App Suite and understand how it can help your business.

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