Your mobile toolbox for asset maintenance

Optimise your asset maintenance workflows with fast and user-friendly apps that enrich your field and factory operations with real-time SAP data interaction.  

Workflows have never been mobile like this before

Bring real-time data into the day-to-day maintenance life cycle, asset utilization, and performance measurement to support informed decisions that optimize maintenance strategies, improve asset performance, and increase reliability in the field and at the plant.

Fast apps for asset maintenance

Fast apps for asset maintenance

Arkyn’s easy-to-use apps support key tasks performed by field and plant maintenance workers, including Work Order Management, Asset Management, Time Registration, and Digital Forms. Experience a new sense of accessibility to critical data and valuable insights at your fingertips.

With this user-friendly iOS app for day-to-day work order processing, large enterprises using SAP optimise and increase the efficiency of their maintenance operations while enriching data-driven insights.
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FastAssets, a day-to-day asset management tool, offers large enterprises using SAP easy access to maintenance and asset history while enriching data-driven insights through real-time SAP data interaction.
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FastTime mobilises time registration, allowing employees to easily record and track their time anywhere, anytime, resulting in more accurate and up-to-date data in SAP.
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FastForms (coming soon)
FastForms is a comprehensive, extremely flexible, and user-friendly SAP form builder for digital ad-hoc forms management – to complement and enhance SAP-run business processes.

Meeting your mobility needs


High-speed, high-performance cloud platform

Arkyn’s powerful middleware platform FastCloud performs all translation between SAP modules and Arkyn's products for unparalleled performance and real-time SAP data interaction.


  • Fast implementation Due to our cloud integration platform, our products can be up and running on top of your SAP backend system in 2-4 weeks.

  • Live KPI dashboard We provide a customised dashboard with useful KPIs for both IT and business’ health and performance monitoring, such as user patterns, breakdown patterns, mean-time-to-repair, mean-time between failures etc.
  • A platform for future SAP integrations Our FastCloud platform is designed specifically for creating lightning-fast mobile and web applications that work seamlessly with SAP and other platforms. With this platform, you can easily integrate SAP data into any IT application, like Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, or Salesforce.

A swift onboarding process, 2-4 weeks

Choose your product
Choose the Arkyn products that fit your business and employees’ needs. Contact sales to get started.
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SAP/Fastcloud Connection
Connect your on-premise SAP installation to the Arkyn FastCloud by installing a simple, secure, SAP-standard Cloud Connector.
Configuration & setup
We will tailor configuration, customization, and adjustments to meet your business and IT needs.
Onboard employees
Congrats! You are now ready to deploy the apps and get a smooth onboarding experience.

Some frequently asked questions

Arkyn What?
Arkyn is a B2B SaaS company providing easy-to-use mobile apps that deliver speed and excellent performance to SAP PM/CS processes in large enterprises worldwide.
Arkyn Where?
Drop a pin in the heart of Copenhagen and you will find the Arkyn office. St. Kongensgade 36-38, 3rd floor. We’re here all week.
Arkyn Who?
Arkyn was created by the founding partners of software pioneers Invokers that has been building apps on top of SAP since 2007. Their exquisite domain expertise translates perfectly into Arkyn’s state-of-the-art SaaS solutions for maintenance operations in large enterprises using SAP.

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What is FastAssets?
FastAssets offers valuable insights into your assets and maintenance history. Integrated with SAP PM/CS, the app lends your maintenance and service technicians a comprehensive asset overview and an intuitive interface of SAP.
What is FastCloud?
FastCloud is the Arkyn signature middleware. It enables fast and easy integration with SAP that cuts down the integration time from months to weeks. The FastCloud is connected through an SAP Cloud Connect module that is installed on-premise.
What is FastForms?
FastForms increases efficiency and retires the need for paper forms through pre-filled data fields, search options across forms, and machine learning that improves data quality.
What is FastTime?
FastTime makes time registration and material consumption in SAP much easier. The app delivers superb user experience and saves thousands of hours on registrations while creating dramatically improved data quality.
What is FastWork?
With this app for day-to-day work order processing, large enterprises using SAP can optimise and increase the efficiency of planning and scheduling, maintenance registration and order processing while enriching data-driven insights.
What is the FastApp Suite?
Arkyn’s suite of fast and easy apps for maintenance processes on top of SAP includes four apps and a unique cloud platform that enables instant and seamless interaction with your SAP ECC or S/4 HANA.
Can the apps be customized?
The FastApps and FastCloud come as standard SaaS products that cover most of your mobility needs in maintenance. If you need a customized version or custom integrations, Arkyn system integrators can extend the current version. Customizations comes with a consultancy fee.
Do I need SAP to use the apps?
Yes, the Arkyn FastApps are built for integration with SAP.
Does it work for SAP ECC and S/4 HANA?
Arkyn's FastApps and FastCloud can be integrated with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA and easily transition between the two.