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Webinar on October 12th. Read more and sign up >>

Getting started

What is Arkyn?

Arkyn is a B2B SaaS company providing next-gen iOS mobile apps to support best mobile practices in SAP enterprises. Easy to integrate - fast to get started. Get to know us better >

Who is behind Arkyn?

Arkyn was founded by former Invokers partners (Today Trifork Smart Enterprise) and the Trifork Labs incubator.

For more than 15 years, Arkyn's founders have been working with design thinking and mobile interfaces for SAP, including changing complex processes to secure, efficient, and intelligent user experiences.
With this knowledge and experience, Arkyn was founded to help SAP customers optimize processes and save thousands of hours.


Where is Arkyn located?

Arkyn's HQ is located in the heart of Copenhagen, but we do have colleagues who work remotely from many parts of Europe. Find out who we are >


What is Arkyn offering?

What is the Fast iOS app suite?

The Fast iOS app suite currently includes 4 apps and a middleware that makes it quick and easy to connect apps to your local SAP installation. Learn more about each app:

FastAssets for SAP PM (S/4 Hana)
FastFieldwork for SAP PM (S/4 Hana)
FastForms for SAP (S/4 Hana)
FastTime for SAP CATS (S/4 Hana)

What is FastAssets?

FastAssets is an app that gives you valuable insights into your assets and maintenance history at your fingertips. Integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance and built for Apple iOS devices. The app is intuitive and easy to learn, which will result in much effective maintenance. 

What is FastFieldwork?

FastFieldwork for iOS makes registrations and order processings much easier for technicians on locations while performing maintenance work. The app is a one platform solution that runs on Arkyn’s SAP Cloud Platform FastCloud connected directly to your SAP backend.

What is FastForms?

FastForms is a custom form creation and form fillings app built for Apple devices and iOS.
The app will help enterprises become much more efficient and get rid of paper forms through pre-filled data fields, search options across forms, and machine learning that will help improve data quality. 

What is FastTime?

FastTime for iOS makes time registration and material consumption much easier for both blue and white-collar workers. The app delivers the same experience as you know from your iOS, Google, or Outlook calendars and will enable you to save thousands of hours used on registration and bring much better data quality. 

What is FastCloud?

FastCloud is a middleware that comes along with all apps in Arkyns' Fast iOS app suite. It enables a very smooth and easy integration with SAP that cuts down the integration time from months to weeks and reduces IT's involvement.

The FastCloud is connected through an SAP Cloud Connect module, which we install on-premise. 

SAP integration

Integrating with Arkyn’s Fast iOS app suite.

Do I need SAP to use the apps?

Yes, the Arkyn fast app suite is built for integration with SAP. In the future Arkyn will support other ERP systems like Oracle, Sales Force, Infor and more.

Does it work for SAP ECC and S/4 HANA?

Many companies are currently in the process of migrating from ECC to S/4 HANA or are planning to do so soon. Arkyn's fast app suite and FastCloud can be integrated with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA and easily transition between the two. 

What SAP modules are needed?

The Arkyn app suite is currently designed for the following SAP modules:

FastAssets & FastFieldwork are designed for SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) & CM (Customer Service)
FastTime is designed for SAP CATS (Cross application time sheet)
FastForms work with all SAP modules.

What is the SAP integration process?

Arkyn has developed a FastCloud middleware that comes with the app suite. The FastCloud enables a very smooth and easy integration with SAP that brings down the integration time from months to weeks. Utilizing the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as an integration point reduces IT's involvement to almost nothing. The only thing needed is a SAP Cloud Connector installed on-premise, and directed to either the customers' own BTP environment or to one provisioned and managed by Arkyn.  

Can it work with other SAP custom integrations?

The fast app suite and FastCloud comes as standard software as a service products that will cover most of your needs. If you need a customized version or custom integrations Arkyn can provide contact to one of our solution providers that can help extend the current version. Customizations comes with a consultancy fee.

Pricing, terms & billing

What do I need to pay?

What is the pricing model?

The apps in Arkyn's fast app suite can be licensed as software as a service (SaaS). Customizations can be purchased through Arkyn's system integrators such as Trifork.

What does it cost?

The apps in Arkyn's fast app suite starts at €4 per license per month depending on the user tier. Please visit the pricing page for more details. On top there is a first time €30,000 integration fee with Arkyn's FastCloud.

How do customers purchase?

To purchase any products from Arkyn customers will need to contact our sales team that will get back swiftly. 

Is there a free trial available?

Yes and no. Since the apps need integration with SAP to work they are currently not available as a free trial. We are happy to do a demo or set up a customer call if you want to speak to one of our customers using them today. Soon there will also be a demo app available through the AppStore. 

What are the billing terms?

After a successful POC products are billed yearly on 3 year terms with one year renewal. Payment terms are 30 days net.

Who will provide the contract?

The System Integrator or an Arkyn Reseller will provide the contract reflecting Arkyn's Standard Terms & Conditions.


Who is handling that?

Is support included?

Arkyn's System Integrators offer first line of support on all solutions for Arkyn.

Do I need to pay for updates?

Arkyn will be rolling out new features on the standard products as part of the license agreement. Updates of custom solutions may come with an additional fee from the solution provider that has implemented the customizations.


Who can become a partner?

About the partnerships

Arkyn has a partnership program for IT consultancies and affiliates  and Apple hardware resellers interested in reselling Arkyn's products in return for a commission. There are 2 types of partnerships available. Find our more on the partnership page.

Resellers & Affiliates

Perfect for hardware solution providers already distributing Apple hardware, consultancies, startup sales accellerators or individuals with a great network into the SAP enterprise market. Especially within manufacturing, railway and more.

IT solution providers

Perfect for SAP IT consultancies, doing custom projects for enterprises of all sorts. Use the Arkyn fast suite as a value add-on to a solution deal, offer the products to existing customers or build custom projects using Arkyn FastCloud.

How do I become a partner?

Go to the partnership page, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and choose the partnership you like. We will get back to you shortly after.

Book a demo

Get on a call and let an Arkyn Business Developer walk you through the Arkyn’s Fast App Suite and understand how it can help your business.

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