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Arkyn What?
Arkyn is a B2B SaaS company providing easy-to-use mobile apps that deliver speed and excellent performance to SAP PM/CS processes in large enterprises worldwide.
Arkyn Where?
Drop a pin in the heart of Copenhagen and you will find the Arkyn office. St. Kongensgade 36-38, 3rd floor. We’re here all week.
Arkyn Who?
Arkyn was created by the founding partners of software pioneers Invokers that has been building apps on top of SAP since 2007. Their exquisite domain expertise translates perfectly into Arkyn’s state-of-the-art SaaS solutions for maintenance operations in large enterprises using SAP.

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What is FastAssets?
FastAssets offers valuable insights into your assets and maintenance history. Integrated with SAP PM/CS, the app lends your maintenance and service technicians a comprehensive asset overview and an intuitive interface of SAP.
What is FastCloud?
FastCloud is the Arkyn signature middleware. It enables fast and easy integration with SAP that cuts down the integration time from months to weeks. The FastCloud is connected through an SAP Cloud Connect module that is installed on-premise.
What is FastForms?
FastForms increases efficiency and retires the need for paper forms through pre-filled data fields, search options across forms, and machine learning that improves data quality.
What is FastTime?
FastTime makes time registration and material consumption in SAP much easier. The app delivers superb user experience and saves thousands of hours on registrations while creating dramatically improved data quality.
What is FastWork?
With this app for day-to-day work order processing, large enterprises using SAP can optimise and increase the efficiency of planning and scheduling, maintenance registration and order processing while enriching data-driven insights.
What is the FastApp Suite?
Arkyn’s suite of fast and easy apps for maintenance processes on top of SAP includes four apps and a unique cloud platform that enables instant and seamless interaction with your SAP ECC or S/4 HANA.

Built for SAP

Can the apps be customized?
The FastApps and FastCloud come as standard SaaS products that cover most of your mobility needs in maintenance. If you need a customized version or custom integrations, Arkyn system integrators can extend the current version. Customizations comes with a consultancy fee.
Do I need SAP to use the apps?
Yes, the Arkyn FastApps are built for integration with SAP.
Does it work for SAP ECC and S/4 HANA?
Arkyn's FastApps and FastCloud can be integrated with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA and easily transition between the two.
How fast is the integration process?
Arkyn’s FastCloud middleware enables smooth and easy integration with SAP that brings down the integration time from months to weeks.
What SAP modules are needed?
FastAssets and FastWork are designed for SAP PM & CS.
FastTime is designed for SAP CATS.
FastForms works with all SAP modules.

Pricing & Billing

Do I need to pay for updates?
Arkyn rolls out new features on the standard products as part of the SaaS license agreement.
How do I purchase the apps?
To purchase any products from Arkyn, please contact our sales team.
Is there a free trial available?
Demos of the Arkyn apps for maintenance operations are available through the App Store. Currently, only FastWork is available.
What are the billing terms?
Subscription fees will be invoiced on a yearly basis. Payment terms are 30 days net.
What do the FastApps cost?
The Arkyn FastApps are licensed on a subscription basis.
What is the pricing model like?
The Arkyn apps are licensed as SaaS. Customizations can be purchased through Arkyn's certified system integrators such as Trifork.


How do I become a partner?
Submit your contact info on the partnership page. We will get back to you shortly after.
What is an Arkyn partnership?
Arkyn works with referral and reseller partners, and we have well-established partnerships with several integration partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please visit our partnership page.
Can I join as an individual consultant?
Yes! The referral partnership is ideal for SAP PM consultants or individuals with a large network among enterprises in field service or manufacturing industries.
How does Arkyn support partners?
Your dedicated Partner Success Manager from Arkyn will help you succeed as a partner. You will get access to Arkyn's partner relation management platform (PRM) where you will find sales and marketing assets as well as educational material. You will also get access to demo apps that you can show your customers.
What is the commission rate?
It depends on which programs you enter. The Referral and Reseller Programs start at 10% and advances to 20% as we succeed together. For System Integrators, there is a flat 30% rate for reselling and integrating Arkyn's products.
What market does Arkyn operate in?
Arkyn targets large enterprises within manufacturing and field service across Europe that use SAP PM/CS.


Why choose Arkyn's Software-as-a-Service?
Enjoy the benefits of SaaS with automatic iOS upgrades and quarterly product releases that adds to the stellar performance, excellent user-experience and great functionalities of the Arkyn apps.
What is Software-as-a-Service?
Software-as-a-Service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is centrally hosted and licensed to customers on a subscription basis.