Secure, scalable solutions that easily integrate with your IT landscape

With unparalled performance and speed, the Arkyn products offer secure and SAP-optimized experiences that enhance productivity within asset maintenance operations. 



  • All cloud infrastructure costs Our team handles all costs, management, and implementation of computing infrastructure. Except SAP backend licenses.
  • Operational support / bug fixes We offer regular and urgent updates that fix bugs and improve security, as well as help with issues like outages and monitoring. We also have detailed plans available for enterprise support.
  • Automatic iOS upgrades We make sure to release new versions of our app in a timely manner for testing and deployment when Apple releases new versions of iOS.
  • Quarterly product releases We give you access to the new versions, so you can release them to your business through your MdM system at your own convenience.
  • Proactive monitoring In our infrastructure, we have extensive instrumentation and monitoring capabilities that ensure we are alerted to any problems that arise.

Security first, second and third

Our products come with appropriate access controls and encryption to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Enterprise privacy & security features Our platform can support end-to-end field-level encryption, including individual pieces of data, and you have complete control over managing the encryption keys.
  • GDPR compliant We follow all the rules outlined in GDPR to make sure we handle and store your data properly.
  • SAP security compliant Our Single-Sign-On mechanism works the same way as SAP's standard practice on the SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • Privacy by design By using Apple's iOS and hardware privacy features in combination with our platform, we offer enterprise-level data protection and privacy.

Built for SAP

  • SAP Business technology platform licenses We give each of our clients their own separate SAP BTP environment, and as an SAP OEM partner, we take care of all the licensing and include it in your total cost. You also have the option to use your own BTP environment if you prefer.
  • Future proof platform Our apps work perfectly with both SAP ECC and S/4 HANA. You can even start using our apps with ECC and then transition to S/4 without any problems.
  • Low SAP footprint We only need to install a small software package in our own reserved namespace in your SAP system, so our overall impact on your system is very minimal.
  • Real-time SAP interaction Our innovative real-time synchronization goes both ways and has very little effect on the performance of your SAP system, especially when compared to other mobile technologies.

High-speed, high-performance cloud platform

  • Fast implementation Due to our cloud integration platform, our products can be up and running on top of your SAP backend system in 4 - 8 weeks.
  • A platform for future SAP integrations Our FastCloud platform is designed specifically for creating lightning-fast mobile and web applications that work seamlessly with SAP and other platforms. With this platform, you can easily integrate SAP data into any IT application, like Microsoft Teams, ServiceNow, or Salesforce.
  • Live KPI dashboard We provide a customised dashboard with useful KPIs for both IT and business’ health and performance monitoring, such as user patterns, breakdown patterns, mean-time-to-repair, mean-time-between-failures etc. 

A swift onboarding process, 4-8 weeks

Choose your product
Choose the Arkyn products that fit your business and employees’ needs. Contact sales to get started.
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SAP/Fastcloud Connection
Connect your on-premise SAP installation to the Arkyn FastCloud by installing a simple, secure, SAP-standard Cloud Connector.
Configuration & setup
We will tailor configuration, customization, and adjustments to meet your business and IT needs.
Onboard employees
Congrats! You are now ready to deploy the apps and get a smooth onboarding experience.

Some frequently asked questions

What is FastCloud?
FastCloud is the Arkyn signature middleware. It enables fast and easy integration with SAP that cuts down the integration time from months to weeks. The FastCloud is connected through an SAP Cloud Connect module that is installed on-premise.
What is the FastApp Suite?
Arkyn’s suite of fast and easy apps for maintenance processes on top of SAP includes four apps and a unique cloud platform that enables instant and seamless interaction with your SAP ECC or S/4 HANA.
Can the apps be customized?
The FastApps and FastCloud come as standard SaaS products that cover most of your mobility needs in maintenance. If you need a customized version or custom integrations, Arkyn system integrators can extend the current version. Customizations comes with a consultancy fee.
Do I need SAP to use the apps?
Yes, the Arkyn FastApps are built for integration with SAP.
Does it work for SAP ECC and S/4 HANA?
Arkyn's FastApps and FastCloud can be integrated with both SAP ECC and SAP S/4 HANA and easily transition between the two.
How fast is the integration process?
Arkyn’s FastCloud middleware enables smooth and easy integration with SAP that brings down the integration time from months to weeks.
What SAP modules are needed?
FastAssets and FastWork are designed for SAP PM & CS.
FastTime is designed for SAP CATS.
FastForms works with all SAP modules.
Do I need to pay for updates?
Arkyn rolls out new features on the standard products as part of the SaaS license agreement.
Why choose Arkyn's Software-as-a-Service?
Enjoy the benefits of SaaS with automatic iOS upgrades and quarterly product releases that adds to the stellar performance, excellent user-experience and great functionalities of the Arkyn apps.