Turning mobility smart 

The Banedanmark solution is the result of great collaboration between Trifork and Arkyn. It is based on FastWork and FastTime, both part of the Arkyn suite of apps for optimized asset maintenance operations.

At a glance

The Challenge

Banedanmark found their mobile fieldwork solution to have shortcomings in several areas: Sign-on issues, unstable performance, and the lack of flexibility created a continuous stream of technical obstacles in the everyday life of their field workers.

The Solution

The solution delivered by Trifork and Arkyn to Banedanmark is a set of two contemporary and user-friendly mobile solutions designed for their field workers.

Based on SAP and Apple technology, they represent a perfect symbiosis between business strengths and humanized technology:

  • Next-generation app performance and usability, instant sign-on, and data access.
  • Seamless integration with SAP backend.
  • IT departments and SAP managers get a powerful, secure, and extremely flexible architecture to support the app, which fits into almost any SAP landscape – Cloud or on-premise.