About Arkyn

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Best-in-class SaaS on top of SAP

Arkyn is a B2B SaaS company providing easy-to-use mobile apps that deliver speed and excellent performance to SAP plant maintenance and customer service processes in large enterprises worldwide.

Arkyn was created by the founding partners of software pioneers Trifork Smart Enterprise (formerly Invokers) – a tech company that has been building apps on top of SAP since 2007.

Their exquisite domain expertise translates perfectly into Arkyn’s state-of-the-art apps for maintenance operations in large enterprises using SAP.

With backing from Trifork Labs, Arkyn is part of the Trifork Group.

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Where to find us?

Home is where your wifi connects automatically. Here’s where ours does. Drop by our headquarters anytime to say hi.

Store Kongensgade 36-38, 3.th
1264 Copenhagen, Denmark

Company Registration Number: DK 41263121