Upcoming webinar on October 12th. Read more and sign up >>

Webinar on October 12th. Read more and sign up >>

System Integrator Partner Program

Join our partner community as our new system integrator partner and use the Arkyn maintenance app suite to strengthend your relationship with existing customers and develop new.
Earn up to 30% commission for delivering Arkyn’s products.

What you get as a System Integration Partner

Enhance the value of your IT-projects for end customers by integrating with Arkyn’s iOS app suite designed for maintenance work in enterprises using SAP.

Business value

Enhance the value of your IT-projects for end customers by integrating with Arkyn’s Fast iOS app suite designed for SAP plant Maintenance and SAP Cats.


Grow interest in your portfolio and create stickiness with existing customers while getting access to new integration projects and service fees.


Stay engaged with exclusive online sales and training materials and advance your commission when you successfully resell and integrate Arkyn products.



0 %
Flat Rate

* Total contact value rolling over 3 years

How to Apply


Complete the application form and accept the terms and conditions of the System Integrator Partnership. We will review your application and get back within a few business days.


Once your application is accepted, we invite you to join our Partner Platform to get your partnership journey started. 


We will onboard you and make sure you know how to use all the exclusive materials to promote Arkyn’s products.


Submit your leads and stay in loop by tracking the sales cycle on our Partner Platform.  

Everything you need to succed as a System Integrator

Become an expert

Explore unique partner training materials, product deep-dives, and demos, and become an expert on Arkyn’s products to support your sales. 

Arkyn Partnership

Set yourself apart from the competitors

Take advantage of our System Integrator partner kit and create strategy to spark new interest within your market with a solution that sets you apart from the competitors.

Address pain points

As you help your prospects through the decision-making process, we will provide recommended content, customer-specific demos, sales deck, and guides to help you address pain points and challenges at any given stage of the sales process. 

Join our Arkyn Partner Community

Join a committed partner community to interact with fellow partners that share knowledge and insights – and stay in loop on upcoming webinars and roundtables.

Become a System Integrator Partner

Book a demo

Get on a call and let an Arkyn Business Developer walk you through the Arkyn’s Fast App Suite and understand how it can help your business.

Get in touch with Arkyn

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